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Today, my son sprayed the bottom of my car and windows white with fake snow in Christmas cheer. He did a great job, except he used white spray paint instead of the fake snow. FML
Posted 9 years ago
Today, after my girlfriend has recently become obsessed with the serial-killer show, Dexter, she has grown an interest in cutting up pomegranates in many different ways and squirting the red, blood-like juice everywhere. I am now afraid to argue with her. FML
Posted 9 years ago
Today, I went on a date. He stole my credit card. FML
Posted 9 years ago
Today, my daughter had the words "Always classy, never trashy" tattooed across her lower back in crappy cursive lettering. She doesn't understand the irony. FML
Posted 9 years ago
Today, my brother paid the DJ $300 to ruin my wedding by playing the Imperial Death March as I walked down the aisle. FML
Posted 9 years ago

Texts from Last Night

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(702): Emergency nipple ring removal:vodka, tweezers, and vodka. Can you bring me a band-aid?
Posted 9 years ago
(267): I am gathering blankets and bags of horse grain to pad my truck bed so I have a comfy place to crash when I get home, without the inconvenience of stairs. Or doors. Or walking. But with the refreshing scent of molasses.
Posted 9 years ago
(612): Is this the 6 foot tall blonde I screwed in the bar last weekend?
(701): In the bar?! Very impressive! But keep guessing!
Posted 9 years ago
(845): Cooked breakfast with his mom this morning...I'm like the housewife of one night stands.
Posted 9 years ago

My life is Average

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2013-08-06 01:58:15.367336+00:00: Today my three year-old niece wanted to play "Hide...
Posted 7 years ago
2013-06-15 16:19:51.020500+00:00: Last month I got in a wreck where I wasn't at faul...
Posted 7 years ago
2013-07-22 00:40:20.918972+00:00: Today, I shaved my legs to the Armageddon film sco...
Posted 7 years ago
2010-02-19 18:25:40.874549+00:00: for christmas i got these awesome shoes, but when ...
Posted 7 years ago
2013-07-10 16:33:56.974771+00:00: Two days ago, in biology, the boy to my right aske...
Posted 8 years ago

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